“I have been going to see Jasmine for approximately two months and she truly is an incredible therapist. As well as being extremely professional and great at her job, she also makes you feel completely relaxed and at home from the very first session. She will never make you feel that the issues you are having or the feelings you are experiencing are strange or unimportant and she is fantastic at making you see such things, that before may have seemed overwhelming, in a new light. I noticed an improvement in my mood and behaviour after just one session with Jasmine and after a few weeks of visiting her for a weekly one hour session, as well as listening to the relaxation CD, my problem was resolved.” M. T.

“When a friend told me about Jasmine I couldn’t resist giving her a call straight away and I am extremely glad that I did. We are currently tackling the main issue that is negatively effecting my life, as well as a few others that help reinforce it. From the very first session she guides you through each and every part of the therapy process and you are told exactly how the problems in your life are going to be tackled, with her help. As well as dealing with the issues relating to my particular problem. she is also teaching me how to control and overcome other stressful things in my life. If you have a phobia or habit that you want to shake, or if you want to control your anxiety and stress levels, she really will be able to help you.” S. I.

“After having pulled my hair out for over 14 years, and having seen various cognitive behavioural therapists and other hypnotherapists, I have never had such good results as I have had from visiting Jasmine over the past 8 weeks! She is so friendly that I was able to relax instantly, and her approach of explaining how hypnotherapy works on the brain from a more scientific approach helped me to really believe from the beginning that it would work, and it has!” A. R.

“I wanted to thank you for all the hard work and time you dedicated, helping me to see through new eyes. I can’t thank you enough for your time, energy and positivity. It has truly made a difference to me.” R. B.